What Does On-Page and Off-Page Optimization Have to Do With SEO?

The goal of any website should be running a viable search engine optimization campaign. Since SEO is not only about optimizing the visibility and position of a site, but also by increasing the click and conversion rate, SEO is far more important than most people think. And there are other hurdles to overcome until a successful campaign is achieved. SEOClerks can help.

Search engine optimization measures are roughly divided into on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization includes everything people should consider when designing, creating, and maintaining a website. These include, for example, the URL structure, meta information such as title and page description, heading labeling, keyword density, alternative graphics, and, most importantly, mobile capability. Off-page optimization includes all factors that influence the website’s ranking. These include the quality (relevance), incoming links and the social signals, and the mentions gained on social networks.

SEO, itself, is subordinated to search engine marketing (SEM for “Search Engine Marketing”), which is a discipline of online marketing. SEM includes all measures that lead to better visibility and positioning in the search results, including those that do not relate to the site’s natural listings (the unpaid results). The purchase of advertising space in the search results also requires a strategic approach, since the available places for the respective search term are almost automatically auctioned in real time. This equally complex area of search engine marketing is called search engine advertising (SEA).

In order to check a site’s ranking, it helps people very little to enter a term simply into the search bar. The same person can get quite different results for the same search term, for example when they switch the computer they are using or the location. Nevertheless, there are ways to obtain neutral search results. Every browser now has an incognito or private mode. If you really want to be sure that you will see uninhibited search results, you should search for a “virtual private network” (VPN). The Opera browser has already integrated a VPN function free of charge. The most important thing is, above all, the website’s conversion rate, which is also taken into account by each search engine.